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Recent courses in philosophy

Philosophy > Research

Reccnt courses

Philosophy of Religion, Philosophical Theology,

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Consciousness,

Human Freedom and Moral Responsibility,

Courses taught in the past

Philosophy of Mind (in relation to Neruscience, Cognitive Sciences); Philosophy of Consciousness;

The Concept of God: Eternity / Temporality;
The Existence of God: The Arguments; especially Bernard Lonergan, Richard Swinburne, Thomas Aquinas;
Selected Problems of the Analytical Philosophy of Religion; The Cosmological Argument kalam.

Logic, Advanced Logic;

Introduction into Philosophy, Philosophy of the Person.

Reading Seminars

Michael Dummett: Thought and Reality;
David Hume: Dialogues on the Natural Religion;
Richard Swinburne: The Existence of God;

Piero Perconti: L┬┤autocosienza (Self-Consciousness).

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